August Snapshot: Moving Forward

Tarot card for The Knight of Wands, the card of onward movement and progress. I know it’s August, but can we talk about July for a second?

Typically, my summers are pretty light on travel. I prefer to do most of my vacationing in the winter when it’s cheaper and not nearly as hot.

But not this year. I don’t know how July went for everyone else, but for me, it was nonstop movement. Twice, I went home (once to visit with family and once to attend a wedding + visit with family). One of my best friends also visited for a week. (Even though I live fifty miles from the beach, I hadn’t been in years until she visited . . . 😖.)

Needless to say, I’m a very tired introvert. But somehow, even with all my travel plans, I managed to begin writing a new story as promised.

And I kind of really dig it. It’s a weird one, but the soundtrack I’ve put together for it is fun and nostalgic. (I might share it later on.)  I’m super excited to see where it goes, and even more excited to end my research hiatus at the end of August so I can really dig into it.

But anyway, enough recapping.

Onward to August. For month number eight, I’ve drawn the lucky Knight of Wands. It’s the third wands card I’ve drawn for 2019 and, like the Eight of Wands I drew in April, it’s all about moving forward. It’s also a card that indicates:

Progress in projects

Decision making, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck

Successful writing projects (no, seriously)

I’m pleased to see it’s arrival, especially since my reading buddies have submitted their feedback ✌🏿. While I’ll definitely continue to work on my new project, August is the perfect time to finish up my current one. I’m hoping to have all of the edits done by the end of the month so that I can continue querying (but no rush. I want a perfect story.)

Onward and upward ✈.


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