Hello 2020! Welcome To The New Year


Happy New Year, everyone, and a warm welcome 2020! Somehow, another year has passed (and another decade, depending on who you ask.) It’s been a year of personal growth and reflection that included a milestone birthday, a dream vacation, and seeing two of my very best friends tie the knot. With that energy in mind, I can’t wait to jump into 2020 to see what it has to offer.

But before I get into the new year, I need to take a moment to reflect on 2019. I’ll do a separate post discussing past and upcoming goals, but there’s one 2019 achievement that I can’t help but mention here: this blog. A big goal of mine was to keep this site-up-to-date and active in 2019, and I delivered on that promise. I’m writing to the wind at this point, but I’m having a lot of fun doing it because . . .

(1) It’s given me the opportunity to reflect.

(2) It’s forced me to try new things (novel outlining, anyone?)

(3) It’s held me accountable with writing.

For that, I’m truly grateful and will continue to keep this up in 2020.

Anywho! Let’s jump into it with the monthly tarot reading

Ace of Cups

I’m starting the year off right by drawing the Ace of Cups.

As far as yearly readings go, you can’t do much better than starting off January with the Ace of Cups. A card of beginnings, it’s the perfect place to begin the New Year.

I have a few sword cards coming up in 2020, but this card reminds me that the end of every challenge is a new beginning.

This is the card of





The Ace of Cups reminds us all to surround ourselves with caring, compassionate people and to enjoy the world around us. With an upcoming election cycle, now’s never been a better time for self care. Ace of Cups asks us to be thoughtful and kind. If we do this, the exciting energy this card brings is bound to translate into good news.


By the way, if you’re thinking this “cup” looks familiar, it may or may not be because it’s the chalice from Sailor Moon. I’m a longtime fan of the series because of the way it promotes sisterhood and inner strength (also, the manga artwork is gorgeous.) Usagi may not be perfect, but she always does her best (and that’s the kind of energy we need in 2020: do your best, but don’t burn out. Also, make sure you have a stellar support system.)

So, that’s that! I’m looking forward to 2020, and I’ll post a separate entry about my upcoming goals. Until then, here’s to enjoying the new year!

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