Nanowrimo Orlando

Hello! It’s only October, but Nanowrimo season will be here before you know it (in four weeks, actually. Yikes/yay!) In preparation for Nanowrimo, I had the pleasure of giving a workshop on developing your main character. I promised the folks in attendance that I’d post the PowerPoint, so here’s me making good on that promise.

You can find the slide deck here:

Developing Your Main Character

A few things that weren’t on the slide deck but that we discussed as part of the Q&A session or that I believe will help you on your Nanowrimo writing journey:

The Manuscript Academy

They offer a ton of resources for new and established writers. There are opportunities to speak with writing professionals, to gather feedback, and to take online classes. Occasionally, they host free or well-priced virtual writing workshops. I suggest signing up for the newsletter and listening to the podcast so that you don’t miss anything.

Write Now Podcast

Sarah Werner’s Write Now podcast offers a look into the multifaceted world of writing. She interviews authors, publishers, and other writing professionals as part of the show. She also offers a number of tips and encouraging words to get you through the writing process.

Eric Smith’s Blog

Eric Smith is an author and literary agent who runs a phenomenally helpful blog (and a podcast. Yes, I listen to a lot of podcasts.) He offers tips on querying, yes, but he also offers tons of words of encouragement and is a real champion for the writing community.

Book Riot

Book Riot has a little bit of everything. Book deals, book news, and book facts. I listen to the flagship Book Riot podcast (which is mostly about book-related news more so than the writing process) as well as the Hey YA podcast (Eric Smith’s podcast). If you find that you need a little book inspiration before you begin writing for Nanowrimo, consider checking out the various recommended reads on the site.


And with that, happy writing! Remember that the ultimate goal of Nanowrimo is to build healthy writing habits. As long as you’re putting pen (or cursor) to page, you’re already winning.

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