October Snapshot: Order, Outlines and Other News

Happy fall! We’re only 9 days into the month of October, but a lot of book-related things have already happened. I presented in a Nanowrimo prep event for the local library and had the pleasure of attending the wonderful Lana Ghannam’s book launch. In short, it’s been a great start to the fall season (I say fall, but I live in Florida. It’s been a mild 81 degrees today πŸŒ….)

Anywho, there’s one other writing event to celebrate this month: I finished my novel outline!

The “final” stats are:

19,891 words βœ“
43 pages βœ“
28 chapters βœ“

Forty-three pages* sounds like a lot for an outline, but I went into this with no idea what I was doing. In the spirit of exploration, I wrote down absolutely everything I could think of πŸ™ƒ. Anyway, I’m super proud that I was able to finish the outline within a reasonable time frame, but I also know there’s more work to be done. So, as part three of my adventure in outlining, I’m going to:

Firm up the world building
Stress test the stakes
Get to know the characters

For world building, I need to make sure the “science” checks out and is consistent throughout. For stakes, I want to ensure that everything is as thrilling and exciting as I can make it at this point. As for the characters? I like to spend a little one-on-one time writing in the voice of pivotal characters just so I can get a feel for their thought processes, quirks, and behaviors.

And then, there was POV.

The story will be in third person, but I’m still not sure whether I’d like to go with third-person limited omniscient or third-person omniscient. I’m leaning toward the former. Also, I need to make a decision between past and present tense (when I started the original draft, I alternated because drafting.)

And now, for the monthly snapshot

The Emperor tarot card.

For the month of October, I’ve drawn The Emperor (whose colors give me serious fall vibes even though it’s an Aries card).

The Emperor is all about balance, stability, and order/organization.

Given that I just wrote a 43-page novel outline, I’d say I’m well into the meaning of this card.

Now’s probably a good time to mention that I’m also well into the querying process this month.

Rather than dwell too much on something I can’t impact (aside from submitting the best possible work), I’m moving forward with all the projects I’m exciting about working on.


And, that’s a wrap! I’ll do a true Nanowrimo post sometime this month. Until then, happy writing (and, if you live where there actually is fall, please enjoy the leaves for me!)

Photos: For the tarot card background, the photo is byΒ Ivana CajinaΒ onΒ Unsplash. For the globe, the photo is by Gabrielle Rocha Rios on Unsplash.

* I swear this book will fall well within the word count limit for YA Paranormal novels. Things will be cut, things will be added ✌🏿.

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