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    I Bought More Books

    The books I bought on Saturday.

    So remember that time I posted a 2019 read list and then went out and bought a stack of new books the week after? Because I do T_T. Barnes and Noble got me with their #bookhaul emails and, all my money later, I’m staring at a stack of brand new books. If this is how Pisces season is going to treat me only four days in, I’m terrified to see what the end of the month looks like.

    Good job, marketing department at B&N.

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    2019 Reads

    I love books, but I’m a notoriously slow reader. If you give me eight solid hours of reading time, I’ll still only get to the first 150 pages, tops. This is because I read for fun and to learn craft. The latter means that I spend a lot of time writing notes and/or color-coding sticky tabs. The former means that I’ll stop reading a book for a moment to have a head argument with a character (why did you do the thing you did? When did that seem like a good idea? Why are you like this?)

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    Writing Goals: A Closer Look

    Hello! It’s been about a week since the website’s been up-and-running, so I’m checking in with post number two, which centers on goal setting. I find that setting clear goals helps me stay motivated and focused.  Goal setting begins with the break down of intentions into meaningful, actionable steps. Below is the process.

  • Introduction


    Hello! Whether your Tardis has brought you here by accident or you’ve safely landed by choice, welcome to jennicabroom.com, a writer’s website. I’m a classic introvert and terrible with introductions (both in person and online), so let’s jump right into this: