September Snapshot: Last Call for YA Paranormal


Y’all, it’s finally Virgo season and I could not be happier.P is for Pie but B is for Biscuit

Why? Because the Cancer and Leo seasons wore me out. Between all the travelling, socializing, and editing, I have been one tired individual.

But not now. Now, it’s time to move on to new projects and new goals (and to eat biscuits. I went to P is for Pie for my birthday and wow.)

I’m finally, finally in the very last stage of editing the YA Paranormal manuscript I’ve been rewriting all year. I’ve done all of the major edits, incorporated the feedback from beta readers and workshop buddies, and am now going over the project with a fine-tooth comb before I query it. It’s been a long process, but I’m really proud of the final product. The story has come a long, long way since the first time I queried it, and I hope that shines through as I send it out into the world.


What’s Ahead

Two of Wands

In the coming weeks, I’ll post a bit more about the process of writing a query letter and synopsis as well as what it’s like to edit a 90,000-word document.

For now, its time to look forward. Back in July, I promised to write with abandon while I waited for feedback on the YA Paranormal. Well, I did just that, and I’m happy to report I wrote roughly 131 pages (32,400 words). Most of what I wrote won’t make it past the first draft, but that’s kind of the point. The first draft is for getting all of your ideas out there. The structuring comes later.

As summer turns into summer lite (Florida weather), I’m turning my attentions toward finishing out what I started in January and diving into what I began in July. As the card of planning, partnership, and exploration, the Two of Wands is the perfect tarot card to ring in the Virgo season and propel things forward.

After all, every Virgo I know loves a good plan :).


Photos: For the tarot card background, the photo is by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash. And special thanks to Jade for the biscuit photo XD.




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