Writing Goals: A Closer Look

Hello! It’s been about a week since the website’s been up-and-running, so I’m checking in with post number two, which centers on goal setting. I find that setting clear goals helps me stay motivated and focused.  Goal setting begins with the break down of intentions into meaningful, actionable steps. Below is the process.

Goal: Launched a writing website

Why? To hold myself accountable, to share the writing journey, to connect with other writers and readers.

    • Big Picture: Upload monthly content.
    • Monthly Tasks: Update status page and create blog posts.
    • Bi-weekly Task:  Publish at least 2 blog posts every other week.  <<<  Throne of lies detected

* Because blogging is new to me, the steps for this goal aren’t as nuanced as the steps for the goals below. I’m still in the plotting stages, so I’m excited to see which direction the site pulls me in.

Goal: Wrote 2 new novels

Why?  Because I love telling stories, and I love nothing more than sharing those stories with others.

  • Big Picture: Write every single day, rain or shine.
  • Weekly Task: Reread what I’ve written at the end of the week. I’m doing this weekly instead of daily so that I don’t get stuck editing instead of creating (there’ll be plenty of time devoted to editing after I have a full first draft.)
  • Daily Task: Write at least 2 pages every day for 365 days. This nets 730 pages by the end of the year. It’s a small goal that adds up, and I’ll hopefully exceed the daily target.

* My YA Contemporary project is roughly 65,000 to 68,000 words (around 270 pages). My Adult Fantasy project is roughly 110,000 words (around 450 pages).

Goal: Found the perfect literary agent

Why? Writing is a team sport. Whether you self publish or go the traditional route, nobody works alone. I’d love to work with someone who’s passionate and goal-oriented about my work.

  • Big Picture: Write new content, edit and revise current content (feedback is queen!), read books that captivate, inspire, and teach.
  • Weekly Task: Research agents who represent the multiple genres I write in and who seem to be good matches (personality and work style). Research pitch contests and writing opportunities. Review querying data and make changes. Continue to host writing workshops.
  • Daily Joy: Read every day (before bed, during lunch, on break, and in my spare time).

* The goal for this is to write great work and find the right person to champion that work. Finding a literary agent begins and ends with being committed to and passionate about writing and all that it encompasses (drafting x 10, editing, workshopping, etc). If I don’t put in the work, I won’t get the desired results.


That was a lot, wasn’t it? Ten points if you can guess my zodiac sign based on this post (>.>) and please share your writing goals for 2019!

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