Hello! Whether your Tardis has brought you here by accident or you’ve safely landed by choice, welcome to, a writer’s website. I’m a classic introvert and terrible with introductions (both in person and online), so let’s jump right into this:

Name: Jennica

Categories: YA and Adult Fiction

Genres: Contemporary, Literary, Fantasy, Magical Realism

Favorite book(s): Entirely too many to name, but The Time Traveler’s Wife (Audrey Niffenegger), A Little Life (Hanya Yanagihara)and The Hate You Give (Angie Thomas) hold special places in my heart.

Hobbies: Watching Kdramas (at the time of this post, Encounters), baking cookies, and watching the occasional anime (My Hero Academia, anyone?) Traveling is also a big hobby, and my favorite places so far have been Istanbul, Amsterdam, and Greece.

Why I write: I’ve always loved a good story, and I’ve been creating imaginary worlds since childhood. There’s nothing like reading a wonderful book and either seeing traces of yourself in it or learning about something completely outside your realm of knowledge.  Every new story is a chance to rethink what I know and explore something new.

I’m encouraged by all the wonderful, diverse voices I’ve read (especially as of late), and I look forward to joining in.

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