Querying & Agent Feedback: April Snapshot

Somehow or another, it’s already mid-April. I meant to post a beginning-of-the-month update, but time really got away from me (with good reasons!) In January, I received feedback on a full request from an agent I really, really admire. Since then, I’ve been busy rewriting (annnd rewriting).

Which brings me to the tarot card I drew for this month, the 8 of Wands: 


8 of wands



The card of news and travel also lights a fire under current projects.

It’s an energizing card with an emphasis on prioritization.

It means the internet gods will (maybe) forgive me for slacking on my posts. (>.>).





No, but seriously, the first quarter on my year has been intense. I’ve written and rewritten 150 pages and counting. It’s been an enjoyable (if not sometimes head desking) experience.

Agent feedback is a gift, and I feel super lucky to have received it. I’m really excited about where the story has gone, and I can see the finish line on the horizon.


P.S. Yup, that’s a drawing of me getting pelted by progress XD.

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