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    Hello 2020! Welcome To The New Year

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    Happy New Year, everyone, and a warm welcome 2020! Somehow, another year has passed (and another decade, depending on who you ask.) It’s been a year of personal growth and reflection that included a milestone birthday, a dream vacation, and seeing two of my very best friends tie the knot. With that energy in mind, I can’t wait to jump into 2020 to see what it has to offer.

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    Writing Goals: A Closer Look

    Hello! It’s been about a week since the website’s been up-and-running, so I’m checking in with post number two, which centers on goal setting. I find that setting clear goals helps me stay motivated and focused.  Goal setting begins with the break down of intentions into meaningful, actionable steps. Below is the process.

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    Hello! Whether your Tardis has brought you here by accident or you’ve safely landed by choice, welcome to jennicabroom.com, a writer’s website. I’m a classic introvert and terrible with introductions (both in person and online), so let’s jump right into this: