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    Hello 2020! Welcome To The New Year

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    Happy New Year, everyone, and a warm welcome 2020! Somehow, another year has passed (and another decade, depending on who you ask.) It’s been a year of personal growth and reflection that included a milestone birthday, a dream vacation, and seeing two of my very best friends tie the knot. With that energy in mind, I can’t wait to jump into 2020 to see what it has to offer.

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    If You’re Going To Draw A Sword, Make It An Ace: June 2019 Snapshot

    Ace of Sword Tarot card.It arrived a little late, but the 8 of Wands I drew for May pulled through: I finished my novel draft! If you’ll remember, the 8 of Wands foretells the realization of creative goals. I’d say this definitely fits, and the good energy keeps coming in June.

    This month is all about the Ace of Swords, bringer of:

    .  .  .  . Hard-fought success
    .  .  .  . Bright new beginnings
    .  .  .  . Growth through decisiveness

    Generally, I hope to avoid Sword cards, but the Ace is the exception. Like The Sun in the major arcana, it envisions a positive outcome in the immediate future.

    Now that the fully revised draft is complete from end to end, it’s time for a few final read throughs before handing it off to my wonderful critique partners and beta readers. But for right now, a nap 😴.