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    November Snapshot: Nano on the Road

    Greetings, y’all! It’s November 3rd and Nanowrimo season, and this year I’m taking nano on the road (I’ll let you know where, later ;)). Even though I’ve been working on my November tarot card image since the middle of October, I hadn’t really given the meaning of the card much thought (I’ve been busy!) Now that the Halloween candy’s been eaten, the costume’s been packed away, and the decorations have been removed, I’ve had the morning to focus on November’s card:

    The Hanged (Wo) Man.

    Crap 🙃.

    The Hanged Man

    The Hanged (Wo)Man is the card of

    Travel Delays

    Business Delays

    Project Dissatisfaction 

    As a querying writer going on two weeks’ worth of vacation in November while simultaneously participating in Nanowrimo, I find this card downright offensive at first glance.

    It attempts to hit the pause button on everything I’m doing (travelling, querying, and writing), and it’s happening during the Mercury Retrograde. In Scorpio season. Before Thanksgiving.

    Heaven, help me.

    But, that’s on first glance. The thing to remember about The Hanged Man is that the person on the card seems unbothered. They’ve acknowledged and accepted the slowdown, and they’re going with the flow. It’s been a busy year, and I’ve felt pretty non-stop since July. Perhaps The Hanged Man is trying to force me to slow down and relax (typical Virgo, having to be forced to slow down 🙄).

    So, it’s time to take things slower.

    But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve pre-prepared for this nano-on-the-road season by creating an outline and doing backstory research beforehand. And, there are still additional things I can do to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible even as I wind down for the month:

    • Double check my hotel and flight details.
    • Print off my outline in case my electronics fail.
    • In that same vein, I should probably pack a notebook and pen.
    • Turn any flight delays into writing time.
    • Build in a word count buffer by writing as much as I can before takeoff.

    Wish me luck, and a happy November/nano season to all!

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    October Snapshot: Order, Outlines and Other News

    Happy fall! We’re only 9 days into the month of October, but a lot of book-related things have already happened. I presented in a Nanowrimo prep event for the local library and had the pleasure of attending the wonderful Lana Ghannam’s book launch. In short, it’s been a great start to the fall season (I say fall, but I live in Florida. It’s been a mild 81 degrees today 🌅.)

    Anywho, there’s one other writing event to celebrate this month: I finished my novel outline!

    The “final” stats are:

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    August Snapshot: Moving Forward

    Tarot card for The Knight of Wands, the card of onward movement and progress. I know it’s August, but can we talk about July for a second?

    Typically, my summers are pretty light on travel. I prefer to do most of my vacationing in the winter when it’s cheaper and not nearly as hot.

    But not this year. I don’t know how July went for everyone else, but for me, it was nonstop movement. Twice, I went home (once to visit with family and once to attend a wedding + visit with family). One of my best friends also visited for a week. (Even though I live fifty miles from the beach, I hadn’t been in years until she visited . . . 😖.)

    Needless to say, I’m a very tired introvert. But somehow, even with all my travel plans, I managed to begin writing a new story as promised.

    And I kind of really dig it. It’s a weird one, but the soundtrack I’ve put together for it is fun and nostalgic. (I might share it later on.)  I’m super excited to see where it goes, and even more excited to end my research hiatus at the end of August so I can really dig into it.

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    Summer’s for Sun: July Snapshot

    The Sun tarot cardSummer is in full swing in Florida. The humidity’s settled in. The beach calls. And everyone–everyone–in my office spends at least part of the day staring out the window, longing for the sun.

    Which bring’s me to this month’s tarot card.

    I drew The Wheel of Fortune in January (back when a wonderful agent gave the most helpful writing advice) and now, a little over halfway through the year, I’ve drawn its counterpart, The Sun.

    The Sun’s all about successes, holidays (I’ve already taken 2. Don’t judge me.), and fun.

    With that playful spirit in mind, I’ve decided to kick off July with a little writing challenge: write with abandon.

    Between now and the end of August, how much can I write? How often can I write? What can I write?

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    If You’re Going To Draw A Sword, Make It An Ace: June 2019 Snapshot

    Ace of Sword Tarot card.It arrived a little late, but the 8 of Wands I drew for May pulled through: I finished my novel draft! If you’ll remember, the 8 of Wands foretells the realization of creative goals. I’d say this definitely fits, and the good energy keeps coming in June.

    This month is all about the Ace of Swords, bringer of:

    .  .  .  . Hard-fought success
    .  .  .  . Bright new beginnings
    .  .  .  . Growth through decisiveness

    Generally, I hope to avoid Sword cards, but the Ace is the exception. Like The Sun in the major arcana, it envisions a positive outcome in the immediate future.

    Now that the fully revised draft is complete from end to end, it’s time for a few final read throughs before handing it off to my wonderful critique partners and beta readers. But for right now, a nap 😴.