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    Summer’s for Sun: July Snapshot

    The Sun tarot cardSummer is in full swing in Florida. The humidity’s settled in. The beach calls. And everyone–everyone–in my office spends at least part of the day staring out the window, longing for the sun.

    Which bring’s me to this month’s tarot card.

    I drew The Wheel of Fortune in January (back when a wonderful agent gave¬†the most helpful writing advice) and now, a little over halfway through the year, I’ve drawn its counterpart, The Sun.

    The Sun’s all about successes, holidays (I’ve already taken 2. Don’t judge me.), and fun.

    With that playful spirit in mind, I’ve decided to kick off July with a little writing challenge: write with abandon.

    Between now and the end of August, how much can I write? How often can I write? What can I write?